The Million Dollar Idea!

Everyone is always looking for the million dollar idea, but they are so few and far between for most.

My take on it is a little different than most people. Instead of the million dollar idea, I live by the million dollar mindset.

The first step in making millions is your mindset! The million dollar mindset is simple, you hustle every second of every day, and you do whatever it takes.

So many people in today’s age want something for free. REALITY CHECK: Life does not work that way!

Your million dollar mindset starts with a goal. My suggestion here is to choose an achievable goal. Pay off your credit card, buy a new car, move into a new house. Whatever the case may be, choose a goal that will DRIVE you. As you make progress, you make your goals fit your current situation.

At this point in your life, you need a job. You need a steady income so you can pay your bills. Everyone starts somewhere and the first step is a job. Use your skills, life experience, and knowledge to get the best job you can. Benefits such as health insurance, dental insurance, retirement, etc are a huge plus. I try to find a job I enjoy, with benefits, and that has a schedule that will allow me to have a side hustle. Having spare time is key in this stage as it is the building block for your side hustle.

Now that you have a steady income, it is time to start your side hustle. What is a side hustle you may ask? The answer is simple, anything and everything that it takes. Now-a-days you can monetize just about anything. Kids are making crazy money on YouTube, others choose a second job, some try to make it online, and some invest in the stock market. We will go in-depth with all of these as time goes on. The key here is to add supplemental income to your steady income. Take a passion and turn it into revenue.

When I was at this point, I was working on diesel trucks on the side. I had skills in mechanics, I had the tools, the garage, and I utilized social media to solicit business. After a few months I was making more off of my supplemental income than my steady income. The options are endless! If your thing is cooking you could start a cooking blog or YouTube channel.

At this stage it is key to remember your goal. Working a steady income and a supplemental income gets tiring. It gets hard, there are late nights, missed outings with friends, frustration because you do not see results yet, but this is what separates the regular person from the one willing to go the extra mile. Remember your goals!!

Get to this point and you have built a solid foundation to work off of. Now we can get into the real money.

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